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warmth and

stylish coexist

Commitment to pure beauty

Undecorated, strength as it is, brilliance unique to gemstones

Born with a focus on the pure beauty of nature.


Sewing machines that have sewn American denim in the good old days,

The bags created by Union Special are

The coexistence of warmth and style creates an attractive soul.






Repeated repairs and repairs

Filling in the time and becoming a partner

All products have been used by various luxury brands for 30 years.

It is made in a domestic sewing factory that has continued to create.


Even if there is a hole due to aging or if it is rubbed

Everything here can be repaired by craftsmen.

So that you can use it for the rest of your life

And so that you can cram time and become a partner

We will repair it carefully as many times as necessary.



CHORD sticking point transcription



  • Announcing the brand "CHORD", which is packed with the technology so far, on the 30th anniversary of dealing with luxury brand jeans around the world.

  • CHORD is a brand with a new sensation that incorporates unprecedented ideas and free methods that are not bound by anything.

  • The prints are inspired by 1970s rock record covers and some of our favorite songs with hand drawn graphics.

  • The washing process (fishing) is handmade one by one by a first-class craftsman. (hard to come by)

  • The commercialized textile (denim fabric) is made in Turkey, and we carefully select and use fabrics that have different coloring from Japanese fabrics. (Bespoke fabric)

  • Our planning team challenges not only denim but also various materials and items.

  • A new style manufacturing brand that expresses what you want to express wholeheartedly in jeans instead of being swept away by trends.

  • The method of expression we have cultivated

There are countless techniques and methods in the process, such as full print, partial print, hand painting, paint fliers, embroidery, and full denim washing.

  • I want to express myself in a fun and cool way according to the times. A unique brand.


Handling stores

All ROYAL FLASH stores

All RAWLIFE stores


<Mr. Segawa>

- Super slim silhouette with deep rise.

8th stitch in places where strength is required. The placket is casually stitched with 30 stitches to give it a different look.

Specializing in comfort with rubber in the waist.

A stress-free slash pocket in everyday life.

By untying the chain stitch at the hem, it is easy to wear when worn.

Vintage processing is applied to key points such as pocket openings and hem.


- Features a print inspired by record jackets from the 70's.

By applying a semi-rubber print, the color will fade with use and you can enjoy the aging.


・The flasher uses tracing paper. The feature is that the color of the body can be seen through.

Denim fabric and tracing paper By combining things that are not usually combined


It was so cute that I wanted to use it with the flasher attached even after I bought it.


・Thread By using the core thread, the color of the thread will fade according to the processing.

It will be a color that matches the facial expression of the body.


・Normally 5 to 6 stitches are used for the number of stitches and the thread count. 8th place. The placket and back pocket stitches are 9 to 10 stitches, 30 stitches, etc., and the number of stitches and thread counts are used to create different expressions.


・Print Print data of characters actually written by hand.

By intentionally avoiding the use of normal fonts, we created a print that conveys the warmth of handwriting.



Manufacturing that reflects the good old history in the present age.

A serious piece by a design team that has worked on various luxury brands for 30 years.



<Mr. Suzuki>


A piece of heaven by craftsmen who have been involved in denim for decades.

These pants are stretchy and easy to move around in, and the hem processing is popular now, so these pants are trendy.

The color of the paint is carefully selected to raise the tension

It is a more casual one by making it a woven name instead of a leather patch.

The CHORD print on the hem is military style and incorporates fashion.



conscious of vintage

easy to move

Processing the hem is the current fashion

Yankees will wear

I like the print and paint job

Easy to wear with easy pants

i use isco

Exquisite workmanship

The print matches the brand name

prints that make you feel the music

I am particular about the color of the paint

The font of the chord printed on the hem is military-style and incorporates fashion.

A material that no other flasher has

Woven label instead of leather patch

Reproduces vintage items such as the number of stitches and thread count



music chord chords




a little naughty

adult play


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