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课程 × 时尚的力量


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农业 × 时尚的力量

















  • Where do you do your production?
    Production is possible at our domestic sewing factory (Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture) and our partner sewing factory in China. We will propose the most suitable factory according to the characteristics of the product, the difficulty of sewing, and the number of production.
  • How long is the production lead time?
    The estimated time for each process is as follows. ・Planning and design: about 1 month ・Sample production: about 2 weeks ・Mass production: Approximately 30 to 40 days
  • Please let me know the price for production.
    Prices vary depending on fabric and other materials, type of work, difficulty, etc.We will determine the official cost after carefully listening to your wishes.Please refer to the following as a guideline for the basic shape. ・Pattern making fee (master pattern) 15,000 yen ~・Additional grading fee for each size: 5,000 yen~ ・Sample production (including washing) 18,000 yen~ Mass production is 3 rolls or more (1 roll/50m roll): about 120 rolls or more*Minimum lot is 1 roll (1 roll/50m roll): about 40 rollsHowever, in this case, since mass production is not possible, the price will be 1.5 times the normal price.
  • Do you support small lot production?
    Yes, we do. It is possible to order less than 100 pieces, but the minimum lot will change depending on the fabric used, manufacturing method, and design. Because small-lot production is more expensive, we listen carefully to your requests, consider what kind of production method is appropriate, and make a proposal. Please feel free to contact us.
  • Is it possible to do embroidery?
    Yes, you can. Using the latest embroidery machine, we can handle everything from putting your name on the product to complicated embroidery such as emblems.
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