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Recruitment information

We are looking for friends to work with.


Planning sales

A driving force that realizes the customer's "I want to do this".

In the beginning, we plan to have them experience a wide range of work such as work related to production and production technology and delivery. We believe that the overall flow of manufacturing and the acquisition of skills by actually making products will be a great weapon in sales. Being able to see the whole process of how clothes are made is what makes working at our company so interesting and a big attraction.


pattern maker

An important occupation that plays an active role in a wide range of fields such as original brands and OEM.

Creation of sewing specifications, creation of patterns (master, grading, etc.). (Apparel CAD is used.) When commercializing, it is an important job comparable to a designer, such as giving various instructions (fabrics, sewing, accessories) with an awareness of the production flow.



A front-line engineer who supports the quality of various brands.

CAM cutting, hand cutting,There is a wide range of techniques such as sewing, embroidery, and special sewing machines, and it is nothing but "technology" that supports the quality of Made in Japan. Kojima, in particular, is a city with some of the world's best engineers. Here you can learn the world's highest technology and aim to become an engineer who evolves it.


Planning sales

Aika Hamanishi

2nd year since joining the company. I am currently in charge of about 10 business partners. We must think about how to create what the customer wants within the constraints of technology, cost, and schedule. In addition, since the product is made through the hands of many people from the time an order is received to the delivery of the product, if the image of "I want to do this" cannot be conveyed correctly, the finished product will be different. I have trained well in such a difficult situation. At the company, I am involved in most of the clothing-making process, so I think it is the best environment for me to grow.


pattern maker

Kei Noguchi

After learning how to make clothes at a fashion school, he went on to become a pattern maker. I'm a new employee who has been with the company for three years, so I'm currently building up my experience. We are working on both OEM and original, so you can learn the patterns of various brands. For extremely difficult fabrics and designs, we work closely with the sewing site through trial and error. Each department can work as a team to create things. Such an environment is a lot of fun.


Cutting/ozone processing engineer

Akina Kaneko

Until now, I had learned techniques such as sewing, but after joining the company, I learned new cutting techniques and am doing CAM cutting. It is necessary to change the settings in detail depending on the design, pattern, type of fabric, etc., and we are honing our skills every day. I always keep in mind to devise ways to increase the work speed so as not to affect the post-process.

Application Requirements

​ Desired person

It can be simple. It's okay to be boneless. It can be tough.

We are looking for someone who is serious about their work.

We are a company that evaluates people who work with passion, regardless of rank, age, or gender.
“This new brand fits your character, so you should become the leader and launch the brand.”
And so on.

I believe that people who truly enjoy the culture of taking on challenges without fear of failure will like our company.

Eligible people

Planning and sales 

  • New graduates/all faculties/all departments

  • Mid-career/college graduate or above, inexperienced welcome!!

pattern maker

  • New graduates/Graduated from fashion vocational school

  • Mid-career/experienced pattern maker or those with specialized knowledge/skills

sewing technician

  • New graduates/high school graduates and above

  • Mid-career/no educational background, sewing machine experience

Starting salary

Fiscal 2020 results

Planning and sales 

New graduate/University graduate: Monthly salary 191,000 yen

midway/Preference will be given in consideration of experience.

Pattern maker and sewing engineer

new graduate

  • University graduate: Monthly salary 186,000 yen

  • High school graduate: Monthly salary 160,000 yen

  • Vocational school/junior college graduate: Monthly salary 176,000 yen

Mid-career/experience will be considered and given preferential treatment.


Salary increase once a year, bonus twice a year
Full social insurance
Allowance/housing allowance, position allowance, sales allowance, commuting allowance

Work location

Headquarters: 2-1576-93 Kojima Shimonomachi, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture

holiday vacation

2 days off per week (Sundays, 2-3 Saturdays a month), public holidays
GW vacation
summer vacation
New Year holiday
Congratulatory or condolence leave
paid holiday

Application method

Please contact us by phone first.


Person in charge: Tomohiro

We also accept inquiries by e-mail.

​If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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