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Staff introduction

Aika Hamanishi

Planning sales


Ryusei Segawa

Planning sales


Aika Hamanishi

Planning sales


Nobue Sugii

Production control


Hisako Tomohiro

General Affairs Section Manager


Eiichi Fujii

Representative Director and President


underlying thought

“The deeper you struggle, the better things you can do.”

We have made denim of the highest standard in the world.
With all my heart, I want to create products that cannot be imitated by anyone.
It would be easy to compromise, but
Because you can't cheat yourself.

"Don't do what others do"

Even if you get scolded for being crazy, even if you're laughed at as an idiot,
Go ahead with what you believe in.
Even if you do the same things as people,
Because only the same thing is born.

"Let's do work with a sense of groove"

Fashion is a game.
You can't make interesting things if you look down and work.
That's why it's good for employees to have a sense of fun, good vibes, and a sense of playfulness.
Even if such a person faces a difficult task,
There is momentum to face it, saying, "This is interesting!"

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